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All around the world, Formula is regarded as the vantage point of motorsport. Every year, players who are considered to be the best drivers participate in this competition. This competition paved the way for a game that is so much similar, and it is the video games. Formula 1 has always captured the attention of the people that has enthusiasm towards motorsport, and fans have ever had the dream to drive the motorsport one time or the other in life. Of course, the closest experience the fans can get is playing the video game. The only thing is that Formula 1 video was not as successful as some other video games such as the street racing and the rally racing. Rally games can also be played in real money slots, such as the famous grand prix slot casino game.

The reason is that, just like some other sport, unlike the steering of an ordinary car, players were quick to discover the fact that it has different reaction and geometry. Conformity towards this kind of driving seems hard, and the game now looks repetitive and abnormal

For this reason, this article can be considered to be the tribute to F1 video slot to clarify things for the fans

Gran Trak 10 (1974)

Gran Track 10

Of course, the origin of the F1 games can be dated back to the 1970s. When Gran Trak 10 make the depiction of F1 games, that’s going on the race track. The Gran Trak was a race that has to deal with a single player, and it was released in 1974 by Atari. In this completion, the players’ race with the clock, and they will very smart in getting as much point as possible. The controls of the game are not that hard, and it involves the steering of the wheel, an accelerator, brake foot pedal, four-position gear shifter, this was what was available for the arcade games them

Pole Position (1982)Pole position 1982

Of course, in 1982, the F1 game that happens to be successful was launched by Namco, and the game was named Pole Position. It was only a single track, and the players needed to undergo a run and lab the circuit within 2 minutes. This is only what can make them qualify to compete against the opponents in a race to win the championship. Atari, who happens to be the publisher of the game, made the publicized it. It was quite unbelievable that it looks much like real driving as you get an almost exact experience of F1 behind the wheels. Considering its amazing graphics, it has lovely colors, signs, race cars, and scaling sprites. It has a vanishing point as players sway side by side when they approach corners, and they try to maintain their stand and drive accurately to a forward distance

Grand Prix Circuit Accolade (1987)

Grand prix circuit accolade 87

This can be said to be best F1 so far, and it was launched when the conscious effort was being made to convert video game to fit into PCs. The view of the games give the player a real-world of reality

The players have the chance of choosing from different cars which are up to three.

  • Williams FW12C (Renault 3.5L V-735 bhp (548 kW;745 PS))
  • McLaren MP4/4 (Honda 1.5L V6 turbo – 790 bhp(589 kW; 801 PS))
  • Ferrari F1/87/88C(Ferrari 3.5L V12-680 bhp (507 kW; 689 PS))

The second one happens to be the most powerful car, but at the same time, the control is hard. As for the first one, it is as well powerful, but not as the McLaren, and the control is complicated. The last one that happens to be the Ferrari was originally the chassis that has a V12 engine, and it is the 1988 turbo’s car. Being the slowest and the control is much easier compared to the others

The difficulty level was up to five, and it has playing modes that are up to three; of course, there are a single event, practice, championship circuit and you can get to choose from different tracks that are up to 8

Formula One Grand Prix 1992

Formula one gran prix 1992

Geoff Crammond happens to be the designer that created the F1 Grand Prix, and Microprose made the release. It was storming as the F1 took over the world of gaming. This can as well be referred to as the MicroProse Grand, F1GP, and Grand Prix. F1 was popular among the people going by the fact that it supplies the necessary details and pays due attention to its Graphics. Players are as well given the ample opportunity to edit their profile and choose their spec and set up the car they desire.

As at the time the F1GP came into being, it happens to be the very first game that will give players the ample opportunity to decide and choose the performance and set up of the car. It has real resemblance with a live car. The track is accurate, it has real racing physics, and the handling of the car requires you to be learned when it comes to real-life driving. Of course, there are some essential variables which include tyre compounds, wing sets, all these and some other features makes it so real. Additionally is the rear mirror review and you can as well opt for an instant play. There is a camera that has a wide range such that you can set the replay as you like. Physics can be observed in the process of driving the car, and you will get to see how the handling the react when you drift at a corner. Unlike some stimulation in other race, the accuracy of this is 1/1000 of a second chronometer, and you can win races in thousands of seconds

Of course, combining physics and graphics is meant for the players so as for them to feel the vibes if they were driving slow or fast, they as well be able to predict the kind of response the car will give. There are some other details which include the model wears of the tyres. Players will be able to carry out the driving successfully and would not have any room to lose grip, which later leads to spinning out on almost every corner. Of course, your weekend can be filled with fun, considering the atmosphere packed rendition and 16 tracks. Grand Prix boosts and maintains the reputation of F1 for so many years, recently when reviews are being done, they often refer to it as a classic benchmark of the Formula 1

Two other actions are as well particular about features of the driving help. This considered to be the ability to drive so quickly using another controller or the keyboard, and can as well be regarded as the automatic transmission of most of the cars. F1GP is said to be a system that allows for the learning curve. The innovative help function is at-will for players, i.e., the brake assistance. They are the ones with the achievement that impresses most. This help includes throttle assistance and steering help. The throttle assistance was the one that prevented the wheel spin while it was going on the gas. The experience is fantastic as you will get to see cars steering into the corner slightly by themselves any time the assistance is activated. This obvious exercise gives the real impression that a vehicle that car operate itself can actively implement, the above-listed features have made F1GP one the best game of the moment

F1 Challenge (1995)

As at 1995 PS1 happens to be the product that has taken over the arena of play. It created a gaming media that is affordable for every consumer. After the PS 1 was able to gain much stand proper among the households, the Formula one challenge was developed using the bizarre creation when its debut was made in 1995. It immediately follows the F1 season, and it has 17 tracks, 26 drivers and 13 teams

The moment the player was able to fully complete a season after he might have won the whole race, this will make way for the unlocking of a circuit that is hidden. Of course, the circuit was a lower level one, going by the fact that it looked like an F1 car when it landed in a race preview page. The only sad thing about this is the fact that provisions are not made for you to save the data of your game. the track is going to be lost whenever you turn off the console

It was the one that introduced commentary as Murray Walker did it in English, Jochen Mass handled the German version, and Phillippe Alliot makes use of the French version, Andrea de Adamiich does the Italian translation, and Carlos Tiera takes proper care of the Spanish version. In the United Kingdom, the game happens to be the one that sells best. The PS1 was popular among the people as the Playstation version earns 7.6, and the PC version gets When praising the Al, we can then try to conclude “Psygnosis” as one of the most beautiful games available to date.

Formula 1 98(1998)

The F1 98 is said to be a video game that was released first in Europe on the 30th October 1998 for the Sony Playstation. Figure 98 was making a typical depiction of the Formula 1 season that took place in 1998, and the development was pilot by Psygnosis who happens to get the official license of the F1

The person that happened to be at the front cover is Jarno Trulli. Having said this, there are still some other versions, the British include, Miika Hakkinen, World Champion, but the United States version include Eddie Irvine

Of course, there are up official formulas which are up to 16, and they are circuits based on the 1998 F1 season. After the demise creature, the Psygnosis offered some reflection about the changes in the development of the F1. With all these, they have to pull out, and the visual scientist was hired to make up the game. The resultant effect of this is that most of the games end up poorly, and there different publications for gaming. It became the bestseller in the United Kingdom.

F1 2000 (2000)

F1 2000

This game includes the full 2000 world championship, and also the Jaguar racing team and new Indianapolis circuit. All these were able to come into being due to the official FIA Formula One license. This game method has a full championship, racing weekends, custom grid, trial modes, and quick prices. While in the section of the multiplayer, you can either move head to head. The session has a split-screen, you can as well make use of a hot seat trial mode which can be up to 22 players at times

The cars could as well be fine-tuned while in the pits, and the commentary is pit-to-car radio, and for the complete setup changes, the full telemetry was shown. The performance shown by the players can be put on a replay mode which includes the highlights of the race

With this specific version, opponents now have a more realistic racing behavior, as there car failures that have more reality. This game was explicitly based on the 2000 season. The development was made for EA Sports, and the release was for Microsoft Windows formats and the PlayStation. This game happen to be the last Visual Sciences to make its appearance on Playstation

Formula One 06 (2006)

F1 2006

Developer Studio Liverpool was able to come up with an incredible big leap in 2006 when they made the release of the F1. It was in Europe, and the game serves as a continuation of the career mode that introduction was established in 2004

Of course in the career mode, all players start their career by either winning Toro Rosso, Midland F1 or probably Super Aguri. The position of the player within the team is dependent on how well the performance of the player is while undergoing the trial session. The session of the test can either be Silverstone, Circuit de Catalunya, Magny-Cours circuits can be done in wet or dry conditions

The session of the trial varies, compare to the completing one. Of course, there are still flying lap in which there will be up to 10 laps before you can finally beat the time targeted. Aside from that, there are also “Acumulative Target Time” in which players will have to speed up to pass 4 to 3 laps consistently. After then the lap that seems to be the fastest and later compared to the ATT

The career of the players will consist of 5 Grand Prix seasons in total, and this is what they will attend to attain the championship. It is very much applicable to all the teams, and they include Ferrari, McLaren, Honda, and Renault.

Additionally, the moment you were able to fulfill criteria, there are some prizes that you will be eligible for. they include Jerez, test track, and the winning of a Grand Prix. Also featuring is the trophy cabinet such that the cups which the players had won in the championship and various grand Prix. Even the car used in winning the championship will be shown as well.

Provision is made for the knockout. The introduction of this happened to be in 2006; the qualifying session for this is up to three. Some conditions that are new to this include the formation lap, and also Al that are much more complicated which is gotten from the series in F1 games

Of course, the density of the game is considered to be the massive damage which includes front-wing, rear wing, wheels off and the nose damage

F1 2010 (2010)

Codemasters happen to be the publisher that was given the right officially to release the F1 video in 2009, before Codemasters, Sony was the one in charge previously. Codemasters and Sumo Digitals were released in 2009, in which the review games, but it laid down the foundation to follow a series. In 2010, the formula 1 season 2010 got released. The only thing is that, at that very moment, Codemasters does not have any other choice than to sever their relationship after 2010. The matter is that they want to be alone

There is also an award-winning video which is based explicitly on 2010, and it is the BAFTA Award. Featuring in the game include three, five and sevens, all is just dependent on the choice of the user. Players are given a chance to have their objective. An excellent, very example is the race for Ferrari, and some other things which include Constructor’s and Driver’s championship can be a failure.

On the other hand, a mere point while you are driving for Lotus will have been faced with success. Also, some media features are involved, which solely depends on the race the players are made. New parts are as well made available while undergoing the partnership

Part of the thing that is much evident in the game was the weather system that seems so complicated. An instance is the fact that the track starts to lose its grip at different areas and also tracks that are different. Immediately the rain stops, the rain will stop, and the appearance of the dryline will be so much similar to that of reality as much grips are given to the tracks.

Moreso, there is a mode that is so rich and remains popular since the game was launched. The players were given them ample opportunity to choose from different options made available. It’s either they want a quick fix, or they are probably longing for a quick fix or want participation in full processions to trace and qualify. Also, there are various options when the host gets frustrated with the fact that some other players were not cautious while on the track. The error that can start up include the collision flags harsher and also the enablement of the ghost cars

F1 2012 (2012)

In 2012, another big step came on board, the building of this was mainly on the grounds laid down by the models that precede it, just that some other features where added. The feature of the game includes the “Young Driver Test.” The re is a tutorial mode which is designed to give full introduction players that are new just for them to know how to handle the cars effectively. It is just a form of prologue before they will start their career mode. Codemaster made a conscious effort in Mercedez test driver Sam bird, GP2 series driver Stefano and they will be asked to take on Yas Marina Circuit. Reports from the drivers who participated shows that the game was more real, and it is sufficient for them to learn the circuit. The main menu is presented for the games, and the sound system is designed in such a way that players can hear the sound

There is also a test mode for young drivers such that Formula 1 2012 has a champion made that involves world champions that are up to 6. They include Jenson ButtonSebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, and Kimi Raikkonen. There is another challenge known as the season challenge, and this is made by Codemaster to give players a reasonable amount of time to play. The introduction of “One-Shot Qualifying by the Codemasters. Players have to go a single lap for them to be qualified for the race.

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